HAND MADE Wade saddles, below are some examples of some of the latest ranch and buckaroo saddles leaving the saddle shop. These are all Wades with the exception of the last one which is a Taylor tree.

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The Wade fork has a very unique look. The alternating laminations of hardwood is what allows us to bring the horn closer to the horse's back in our finished saddles. The importance of this is to reduce the leverage applied to the horses wither area during roping.

Watt Bros Stock Saddles are designed for comfort and function to the horse and rider. Every saddle comes with handmade brass or monel bound stirrups. Each fender and stirrup leather is made according to the height of the rider and every saddle is equipped with quick change blevins buckle. All saddles are made with the twisted and wrapped stirrup leathers, for the convenience of the rider the stirrup is always in alignment with the rider's foot. In addition this feature also reduces excess pressure on the rider's knee, caused from straining to hold a stirrup hanging in the incorrect position.

Watt Bros Stock Saddles are made with the premium horseman's rigging--the flat plate rigging. This rigging is known for it's superior strength and lack of bulk under the rider's leg giving you that thinner ride. The depth of the flat plate rigging design assures the rider of more stability from his saddle when being ridden. It is here you will notice we have designed and built the unique hardware that we use on all our saddles. For the first time the customer can match the color of his hardware throughout the saddle.

Every saddle made by WBS in our shop comes with a brass logo plate on the back of the cantle. Obviously this identifies us as the maker but also includes pertinent and specific information for the owner or potential buyer. On the plate are two important measurements. First being the fork angle measurement of 90 or 93 degrees which determines the type of horse it will fit. Second is the finished seat size. This should help eliminate a whole lot of unneccessary confusion.

It is important to establish the angle over your horse's wither, as this is one of the primary areas of concern when it comes to tree fit. Horses that are round and full through the barrel, lacking wither tend to be of the 93 degree or the wider fork. Those horses of more prominent wither are more often of the 90 degree fork.

When you inquire about a Watt Bros Stock Saddle, we will be asking you many questions in regards to your horse's confirmation, conditioning, your riding skills and ultimately what you expect from your horse. These questions are designed to give us an accurate picture of what it will take to fit your horse the best possible and meet your needs as a developing horseman.

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