You have come to that point where you would like to place a deposit on a saddle so that you can become one of those folks who has a saddle to look forward too, rather than always looking at saddle pictures and wishing one of them was for you. Be sure you designate that your deposit is for a quick delivery Watt Brother Stock Saddle, or that you indeed would like the full custom saddle from Jeremiah Watt. Once again, so there is no mis-understanding on this point-----all saddle deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE once placed. Be sure you consider this point carefully, because there are no exceptions to this rule. However, as the owner of a position on our order books, you are entitled to sell your order spot to someone else of your choosing. It is NOT OUR OBLIGATION to find a customer for your order position, it is your obligation to find that customer.

I understand that many of you will read this and think that this all seems rather harsh or unbending, so allow me a minute to explain. Over the years we have tried and done many things when it comes to saddle orders. There was a time that we did not take a deposit, and while we worked in this manner we had a book full to 7 years worth of work but what we did find was that we had very few REAL COMMITTED CUSTOMERS in line. So we changed to a deposit program that was fully refundable, and once again we found the customer list to be very fickle since they had no true commitment to the saddle order process. What has changed our order book the most, and what has given us the most accurate time line on saddles is the Non-Refundable deposit method. With this process, YOU have some ownership and obligation as do we.


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