The Watt Bros Lite Ride only comes in Western style. When we began this saddle, all we made was the English version, but as time goes we have seen this change and all we are asked for are the Western version of this saddle.. For Catalog send $3.50 or give us a call 559-935-2172.


The Lite ride saddle is designed specifically for the weight conscious rider. There have been numerous requests from customers for a light weight saddle that did not compromise quality or saddle tree. As with all of our saddles, we make the tree here in our own tree shop. With this specific tree design we wanted to address the need for a seat narrow through the twist, bars that optimize contact over the length of a horse's back. Also we wanted a horn of dimensions that a woman could grip easily, to obtain weight reduction through sound engineering principles leaving the trees adequately strong and highly flexible. At no time have we setout to make this the sort of tree that a roper would use or desire, specifically, customer stated they had no need to rope. And as such this tree is not intended for roping or heavy pulling of logs etc.
With weight reduction being the primary design objective, the weight of the saddles as described below comes in at 18 to 20 pounds, bear in mind that additional changes may effect the overall weight.
We will offer these trees in both 90 and 93 degree bar pattern, as well as seat sizes of 14.5, 15, 15.5, 16 inches. The basic saddle comes either smooth or rough out finish. We have opted for a 7/8 inskirt rigging, single position. A rear rigging is available if requested at additional expense. High mounted breast collar dees are also included in the base price. We will install 2.5 inch stirrup leathers and no fenders since the side jockeys are long enough to offer protection. For stirrups we have chosen the 2 inch tin bound but monel/stainlesss covered stirrups are available at additional charge. Lastly, the saddle comes with strings at the rear housings only, any others will have to be requested additionally. This saddle has clean classic lines, exudes quality and should appeal to ladies and weight conscious riders.
LITE RIDE WESTERN- Base Price $4000.00

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