Here is an inexpensive version that makes use of HSBT Saddlery Hardware

We have built a bunch of Martingales and Chokers over the years. Let me describe how we discern between the two, Chokers will have a small neck strap that goes over the neck in front of the saddle, this helps hold the Choker up and in place. And a Martingale does not have a neck strap, the Martingale also has a large diameter center ring in the middle of the horses chest. Our simplest version is made in a high grade Harness Leather, made single ply so there is no stitching too wear out. A simple pattern that is made to lay along the line of the horses shoulder and attach high at the front button on the saddle. Here we show you our version of what many folks call a Choker, we will call ours an Old Time Choker. The one shown is carved of course to match the saddle for which it was made. We can build them to accompany any saddle that is on order. But we dont build them to sell without a saddle on order. Quite often we are asked for a Choker but made with our handmade Sterling Silver work to adorn it, in these days of rising metals prices we were asked to incorporate our HSBT saddle Hardware. This makes for a very uptown unit without the high price of handmade silver. Give us a call for details, at 559-935-2172
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