Here is a bit that slipped away from us long before we had a chance to get it up on the site for you to see, never mind try to buy.

This is the classy cheek that we all know and recognise as the Santa Barbara. This is just one of the versions that we do. This bit was done with a heavy cast sterling flower as the central motif, the entire bit was done in over laid sections and given the very popular Highland Grey Finish. Take note of the cute flowers that adorn the bit connectors, we stole this idea off an item that came over from Tibet....................I had to beat the guy off with my quirt and drag a dead goat filled with sand down across the finish line to take the idea but it was all worth it...............OKAY, OKAY, so its a bit of a stretch of the truth. Good start for a story though.

Here we gte a closer look at the same bit, note the inside of the bit cheeks have engraved elements just like the outside. The edges have been hand beveled and then wide sterling striped so that they catch the light just right on those mornings amongst the sage. This is the sort of bit that gets noticed at the next branding of ranch roping class that you attend.

Last view of a real beauty, there is no doubt that where this bit ended up going it will get used and ridden. But this bit would do equally well in the hands of a "Cow-Lector", being set on a mantle or in a display case. Our first intentions are to build a bit that FUNCTIONS and PERFORMS as a well made and balanced bridle bit should. After we have attained that part of the bits design, then we can add the elements that make it unique and an individual piece that a "Cow-lector" would seriously enjoy. Very sorry to say, but this bit sold to a great fellow in southern California who knows his bits and was quick on the choice of where to buy a bit when he seen it. Price was $975.00

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