As some of you may know, I had the honor of working with the folks in Elko for the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering which is held every year in January.

This past year was the 25th Anniversary of this fanatastic event, and as I said it was an honor to be a part of it. I worked with several other folks, and our job was to set up and display the gear we would have on exhibit. The Show itself was to be a little different than we had done in the past. We actually had a contest, a saddle makers contest with 1 prize over all for Best of Show. And we had Bit Making contest which also had a prize for Best of Show. We had an abundant turn-out and what I think was the finest gathering of handmade gear in USA to date. We had entries from as far away as Australia, France, Germany, Canada and of course all over USA. What I show here are the trophies that we built by hand here in my shop, no, I did not do every little thing on these trophies. They are done with plenty of work and thought on the part of my very artistic employees and I am very proud of the care and quality of the work that they do in my shop. The round knife Trophy was for the saddle maker, while the Golden Dividers were made for the Bit Maker. The bases are made of mid-carbon steel, they have been high polished given stripes on the edge. The upper surface was Sterling Silver mounted and finely engraved and then hot blued. We hope you enjoy these images, I have been asked several times now to take a moment to put them up.

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