JEREMIAH WATT PRODUCTS, introduces a few of the more recent silver mounted items. These items are all sold but the photos give you an idea of what we can do. Call for availability.

Jeremiah Watt Products, is showcasing the Rojas Cheek style here, named after one of the Janitors at the local High School. This is a stainlkess cheek, with full silver overlays all with bright cut engraving. Then to cover the moutyh joint, we make a very heavy guage silver concho and bright cut engrave that as well. The whole bit is 7 1/8 long, a little heavier than some other cheek patterns. Very popular with folks looking for a nice ranch horse bit, combine it with a Frog or San Joaquin mouth, and you will be ready for a classy cow horse.

The Salinas Cheeks, are the most popular cheek style that we currently do. It is an excellent ranch bit, being fairly light wieght, done in stainless with full sterling silver overlays. Each bit is entirely hand engraved, and each pattern is done different so that all of the finished bits are indeed unique. Try the bit with a Frog, or San Joaquin, a Half Breed or our US Half Breed with a hood.

NEW NEW NEW NEW, cheek style from Jeremiah Watt Products. We call this our Riata cheek, and it is a Santa Barbara style that measures right at 8 inches total length. The cheek pattern is considered a little slower in a horses mouth . Many good horsemen have asked us for a couple of cheeks that are a little longer, so this is our answer. We have done several of these now in Spades and other upper palate mouths such as the San Joaquin and Half Breeds. Great looking bit on a horse under a nice WBS sliding ear headstall, try one . Just give us a call at 559-935-2172

JEREMIAH WATT PRODUCTS, shown here is the Freno Cheek. This is such a nice using bit and so classy looking. The blued steel cheeks are done in overlaid sections of Sterling Silver. Then each is given a special treatment with the engraving, once again we are striving for a unique look for each bit we do. Since this bit is just over 7 inches long, we use a little deeper style of slobber bar on it so that we clear the horses lips when the bit is in use. This bit has an open San Joaquin mouth in it and a lot of folks like this version, also has a nice set of our chains on it. IT WILL BE THE BEST RANCH HORSE BIT YOU HAVE BOUGHT!!

We like to do things that make our JWP bits just that little bit different than other folks do it. And in this JWP Salinas pattern we have incorporated 14K Gold Beads along the design in places that are flower centers, combined with a neat little running rope border cut. It makes for a very interesting pattern, done in Sterling on Stainless. The Salinas cheeks are a very popular pattern for Cowboys and "Cow-lectors" alike. VERY SORRY THIS BIT IS SOLD

The ever poular Salinas cheeks done in a bordered engraving pattern on

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