HARDWARE-04245 Washer

The 04245 deorative Washer is 3/4" diameter, designed to replace the usual stamped metal washers we use when anchoring the seat leather directly below the center of the fork. This NEW decorative washer, will now match all the other floral HSBT products. Our washer is designed to fit a regular #10 wood screw with a standard countersink. Made of stainless steel, for years of service and exceptional strength.

Shown below are two different views suggesting manners in which this Decorative Washer can be used. The upper image shows it being used under the center of the fork to hold the seat in place, while the second image shows the same Washer being used to anchor the end of a rope strap. Yves Lesire of France asked me to build this sort of thing to anchor Buck Rolls inplace, they work great for that purpose as well, and thanks Yves for the great idea.

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