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A hand made saddle by Jeremiah, built on one of our handmade here on the ranch Wade Saddle Tree's. We had a price to work to, and no other real details other than that. Jeremiah wanted to use the Snowflake Stingray in a burnt orange color for the seat, this new stingray is really nice stuff to work with. Jeremiah buys all his Ray Skins from one of two suppliers, iether John Fong Leathers or Jerry at Van Amburg Leathers.

For nice little details we had to scratch our head to stay within the price range we had and still be very unique. So we done a Geometric and floral combination stamp job, this worked out very nice after some serious suntanning to get the color as we like it to be. We decided to add some Ray Skin to the top of the horn, since the budget did not allow a horncap. This gave a nice match to the seat, and put our Ray in two places on the saddle. We decided to match the Buckrolls to the hornwrap, so we could give each of the colors a little more presence and balance within the overall scheme of things.

Lastly we decided to do a "NO-STITCH" inlaid seat to keep those real clean lines that we all like to attain. Well that looked so good that we thought we may as well try to "INLAY the cantle binding (Cheyenne Roll) so that it and the top seat are all on the same level as they exit out behind the cantle. It worked out very nicely, and I think gives the saddle a smoother and cleaner appearance, less layers and ridges for the eye to pick up on. To finalize the whole effort we twisted a heavy piece of BULL HIDE, and laid it right on that line under the cantle where the binding meets the cantle back, that looked real cool and gave it all a very unique look when combined with the other details. We hope you liked it, and if you are interested in a saddle for your self, by all means just give us a call at 559-935-2172 or send us an email at Somebody will be around to visit with you about saddles, horses and silver.


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