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Here is a handmade Wade saddle, that we were given a little room to work on, the women whom ordered the saddle was just crazy about the feathers that I had done on Lite Ride saddle awhile back and asked for a copy of it. Well, we were not to excited about making a duplication of an order that was special to another, we asked her to allow a compromise. She told us she loved Peacocks, so we went for that as our feather motif. Next she wanted her beloved symbol from the Polish Flag, that being the Hapsburg Eagle done in jet black. Then combine all that with the "wiggle waggle" Border and we had a very happy customer. What about you, have you been looking and wanting to order that NEW SADDLE, just never quite found the right shop to handle the finer details of a saddle that is special to YOU. Give us a call, 559-935-2172, and if nothing else we can have a visit about it all.!!!


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