RANCH ROPING SADDLE, handmade on our Ranch Roper saddle tree that we make right here on the ranch. Modern square skirt styling, in combination with old time Taylor fenders and full single outside stirrup leathers make for a real attractive rig. The inlaid pad has been done with a beautiful piece of ox-blood Alley-Gator, and the whole seat is topped off with a nice clean strait up cantle binding. Let me explain that real long hoof pick pocket, well, its not for a hoof pick but rather it sports and handmade 7" long bone handled damascus strait knife- hand made by Uncle Bill Stuart at

Dont you think its time that you got that saddle that you have been thinking of. You have been wondering which shop to call and have it made, well now is a good time to give us a call because we build it all-and we build it well. Call us 559-935-2172

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