Half breed Wade saddle with 24" full floral Tapaderos.

Another fine Wade saddle, a half breed version with wild roses floral carving. The small inlaid padded seat, done in saddle tan moc, is padded with memory foam for a lifetime of cushioned comfort. This saddle has been built with a full compliment of our HSBT saddle hardware. Flat Plate rigging, and mule hide wrapped horn. All our saddles come with full length saddle tie strings, we simply cut them off in the photo editing stage so that saddle images can easily be stacked for advertising use. All the brands you see are in honor of this fellows father and grandfather and the ranching traditions this family shares. A great looking saddle that will show up at a branding near you soon, it may be time for you to order your hand made saddle, if thats the case then give us a call at 559-935-2172 we will be glad to visit with you about YOUR saddle.

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