Without any doubt the wade is the most popular tree being built in our shop today. The Wade tree has many benefits in design over several of the other tree types that are out there. Such as low fitting yet offering very good wither clearance, extra wide bars which helps spread the riders wieght over more area, and finally the amount of both ROCK and TWIST that can be attained in the Wade is outstanding. This saddle happens to have been buyilt for my duaghter Nevada. And yes, she had to wait patiently for 19 years before she got her first saddle from me. Thats because I was most likley working on YOUR saddle order instead. As you can see, even though my pics turned out terrible, that it is full flower carved. Nevada's favorite flower is the "Watter-er Lilly". So that theme has been carried right thru from the floral work on the leaher right into the deep relief engraving on all the hand made silver. We found a piece of huge Alligator with huge tiles on it, in Oxblood color and done the inlaid seat. Of course, I wont make a copy of this one for you, but we would be happy to make you something close to it- give us a call 559-935-2172 if you want to talk over a saddle order or you can make a deposit payment right here on my site. ONe way or the other , we look forward to building a saddle for you.

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