A beautiful Ranch Wade Saddle, made for a valued customer down-under. Built on one of our handmade Wade saddle trees, made here on the ranch in Clifornia. The saddle has deep round butterfly skirts. Rigged at 3/4 Flat Plate using all of our HSBT hardware. This customer asked for a stamp job that matched his Dave Thornbury handmade leggins. So, we done that old time " CRAZY LEGS stamp job with mixed floral highlights. The floral highlights are German Blackleaf and vine work. Maybe you have finally got to that point that you just can't sit and wait any longer and todays the day that you want to get that saddle made just for you- give us a call and we can walk you thru the process, price, and delivery schedule. Call us 559-935-2172 or drop us an email There is actually an online order form -*Short cut click here.*

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