Handmade Ranch Cutting Saddle. Most folks make the mistake of thinking that all we build is Wades, not true, not true at all. We build whatever the customer wants..........or better put, whatever they can convince us to build. We would like to build more cutters and roping rigs, but the truth is we dont get around to those sorts of Shows and events so of course we aren't that well known. This is the second saddle for this customer, and according to him, he could'nt be happier. A very classy looking Ranch Cutter, which means the fork sits a little lower than a competition cutter, the horn is shall we say more usable if you decide to pack a rope with you. The Chap seat actually has inlaid foam pad underneath. The rigging is our super-smooth inskirt, virtually bulk-less under the leg. The flexible fenders have half leathers and Blevins adjustment. Nicely border carved with California Oak & "Akerns" as my Texas friends would say. This saddle gets to spend its time being loped around in the sands of Hawaii............and I didnt even get a chance to deliver it. Thanks Randy for the chance to build you yet another saddle. If you think its time we built a saddle for you, call us at 559-935-2172 and we will get started tomorrow.

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