Handmade Lite Ride Saddle, that we started making so many years ago has now morphed into what you see here. Gone are the trappings of its english saddle ancestry, and bring on the Wild West. Make it look western, so I can walk with a swagger. Built on our own version of a Taylor Tree ( which by the way, originated just a few miles up from my house right here in Warthan Canyon, and this was the tree that put Visalia Saddlery on the map ). We used Wickett & Craig Leather on this version, usually on the lighter saddles we go with Wickett, its a little softer and thinner when we buy it and women seem to get along good in it. NIce little inlaid padded seat, and carving that will make yer socks roll up and down. I really like the square skirts, I think I see a trend coming on, as we have had more square skirts in one year than the previous 5 I think. Thanks Carlen, for the chance to meet you & Jim, and to build you a fine saddle.

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