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Here is a full custom Wade saddle like you see at so many different clinics, done by Jeremiah for a close friend over in England. This one has been awhile coming, but I think well worth the wait. A nice clean Buckaroo looking rig, that will fit right in at a branding of gather, and pretty enough to have folks ask about it. Built on the Wade Saddle tree, right here in our own tree shop. The custoemr and I went thru several conversations, and made full use of Lane Horse Fitting Cards, which really made the process easy. Jeremiah built a full set of silver, a nice pair of silvered spurs and a matching Martingale for this nice Wade outfit. If you think its time for us to build a saddle for you, by all means give us a call at 559-935-2172 and we can walk you thru it.

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