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Handmade saddle, built on the California classic tree-Taylor. A real classy rig, that was an interesting meld of western and asian artistry. The customer wanted his saddle built on our very popular Taylor saddle tree, and built as a cowboy would have it made but also make it lighter wieght. This particular saddle comes in at 29 pounds as you see it here. For decoration the customer wanted me to work with designs that are way out of the proverbial box. He had some strong desires when it came to the artistic attributes that he wanted on his saddle. Without even so much as a "gun fighters flinch", we set to work studying Asian art and came up with a theme that pleased him. Strong stalks of Bamboo and those graceful wind swept leaves, all of which are enveloped in the classic asian cloud theme..........entirely wrapped in a Dragon Scale border. Round skirts, and a flat plate rigging, a modern fender and 4" leather capped stirrups set of a very nice rig. This saddle may be just enough to set you to thinking that you would like our well versed saddle shop to build a saddle for can give us a call here at the shop 559-935-2172 and Colleen or I will be willing to visit with you about it.

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