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Here is a handmade Wade Saddle built by Jeremiah on one of our signature handmade saddle trees that we build right here on the ranch where I live in central California. This saddle was built for a long time family friend who lives back in Manitoba, Canada. The custoemr asked for a Wade that incorporated several things that meaningful to here, like the types of flowers that we stamped. We added silver with high Karat Gold monograms to the cantle concho because that was the great basin style she admired so much. Build me a Wade that will fit my heavy framed foundation Quarter Horses, and make is so a lady can get here hand onto a Wade type horn. We mixed the 4X flowers up between basket stamping and a fine weave border. With the addition of some fine handmade silver mounting it all makes for an interesting mix of styles. We could just as easily build a handmade saddle for you, if you want to call us and talk about it call 559-935-2172 or 559-355-7948 and someone will take care of you. Let me place an order today, press here.

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