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A handmade Wade saddle, just the sort you see in Buckaroo country. Here is a finely done handmade Wade Saddle, built on one of our handmade saddle trees from the Gold Coast Saddle Tree Shop, it has all of our own Horse Shoe Brand saddlery hardware. You really cannot get much more handmade than one of our saddles because we do indeed build almost every part used in them. This particular Wade Saddle is on the 93 degree Wade fork pattern. Heavy rawhide covered, then done in a full Navajo Diamond Stamp with Art Deco flowers accents to break up the border lines in a random fashion. We felt that the Art Deco approach was the best suited to thei 60 degree angle diamond pattern. A full Mirrow Buffalo inlaid seat along with matching "PERFECTION Buckrolls", and customized sterling horncap, it all makes for a superb handmade Wade Saddle. You will not see a twin of this saddle at the next branding................or any branding for that matter. If you would like to talk to anyone here at Jeremiah Watt Custom, or maybe the waiting time is a problem and you will opt for the Watt Brothers approach as this customer did..............then give us a call at 559-935-2172 or if no one answers try the cell at 559-355-7948.

If you would allow me to brag for a moment then I will indulge myself and tell you the REST OF THE STORY. This is a Watt Brothers Saddle, but it was built by my very talented nephew Walker Watt. Walker is enroute to being a Vet someday, and when he gets a break from school he will usually Bless my home with his presence. This particular spring he stayed for about 2 months with us and built this saddle as well as the saddle that follows in the next Gallery. I have to say that I am both envious and proud of the amount of talent that Walker exhibits.

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