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Custom, light wieght womens saddle our very popular Literide Saddle. This is a saddle that you will see us refer to as a Lite Ride. The whole idea is to make a saddle that wieghs in at less than 30 pounds, and truth be knkown we have made them as lite as 17 pounds in the past. Of course the total wieght will depend on the options that you ask for. The saddle you see over on the home page has been oiled 5 times and sat in the warm California sun for about 6 days time, all of which render that warm reddy brown color.

The Lite Ride Saddle, is something we have been building for better than 13 years. The goal, to keep the saddle as light as is possible. To give the rider a deep seat that will give them confidence, and a tree bar of the type that will spread the rider wieght over as much area as we can. For many years this saddle had always taken on a very "English", look being a cross-over amalgam of the two distinct styles. We no longer offer the mostly English looking version, and the Lite Ride of today has become a full western looking saddle.

The saddle has a full compliment of Horse Shoe Brand saddle hardware, from rigging plates, to flank buckles and string conchos.

As you can see from this view over the top of the saddle we have a great seat here for the rider. NOt only that, but we do a "HIDDEN INLAY", on many of these saddles in the Lite Ride catagory. Since the leather we use to build the saddle is thinner, we can actually place the foam pad underneath the top seat and still offer the rider considerable benefit of the foam pad without the paded seat even being seen.

A great looking slick fork saddle that wieghs only 28 pounds as shown here. This fork and horn are not meant for roping, but if you want a saddle that is meant for roping, then just let us know and we can build it for you. Call us at 559-935-2172

The cantle that is most often asked for on the Lite Ride, is the 4" tall by 12.5" width. This gives us a very clean cantle with a lot of style in the oval shape.

We build custom saddles for those folks who require the BEST in workmanship and materials. You can call us at 559-935-2172 which is the house, or the cell 559-335-7948.

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