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Handmade Wade Saddles, and any other style saddle or tree you desire can be made right here on the ranch. As I have tried to tell you many times before this, we have many very special customers out there. Each customer is special to us, but then there are those who order over and over again, and Craig is just one more example of a customer who has the confidence to order his saddles nicer and nicer as the years go by. Thanks Craig and Dalene for giving us this chance to build you just one more very nice Wade Saddle.

We built this on Wade tree which we build here in our tree shop on the ranch. This Wade features a full Nevada Poppy Carve job, an inlaid padded seat done in Snowflake Stingray Skin from John Fong Leathers. We put all of our new saddle hardware on this saddle, and placed a 14K Gold monogram on Sterling horncap to dress up that horn. Take a close look at the binding cover, and then go over to master engraver Sam Alfano's web site called I-Graver and check out his sample done in Silver..........Iused Sams thoughts here on the carved leather binding. It may be the right time for you too get a saddle similar to this one for yourself, and you have just been waiting to get pushed over the edge. Well, consider yourself SHOVED, so too speak. Give us a call at 559-935-2172 and if that does not get a live body, try the cell at 559-355-7948.

The delivery time on a full custom is sitting at 3 years right now, while the Watt Bros Stock Saddle is sitting at approx 9 months delivery.

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