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Handmade saddle, our Pro-Low Ranch Roper saddle tree- it fits well and sits well. Here is a saddle built on a tree that we designed and call the Pro-Low Ranch Roper. Like many saddle trees aimed at the competative roping market, it incorporates several design features different than the Wade for instance. Here is a fork that sits everybit as low as the Wade, and to accomplish that, we have to use a hardwaood laminate layer in the fork construction. The bars on this tree have a little more flair at the front to allow the horses shoulders to fill in and up under the tree when the horse stops and the rope comes tight. The lowest point of the seat is a little further forward which allows the rider to come standing quicker out of the box. The Pro Low Roper has become a popular tree around this shop, and we build more each year it seems. As you see it here, built entirely in Rough Out finish, it has all the function needed to do a days work on the ranch, without any excess frills to get in the way. It may be the day you also decide to have Jeremiah or Watt Bros build you a saddle, if it is then give us a call at 559-935-2172 and we can have a visit about it.

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