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Handmade Buster Welch Cutting saddle from Watt Brothers Saddle. Not very many customers do as much research into a saddle or any other gear for that matter, as this customer does.

Here at WBS, we love details, its what make our handmade saddles unique from their factory cousins. Built on our own tree design that we have been developing for a few years, something that crosses over between the typical Cutter and the lower forked Rieners we see. There is a little more rise in the saddle seat than is typical for a cutting board, the fork is a little lower than a competition cutter. By calculation the bar design on this tree gives us about 10-15% more area of tree bar sitting against the horses back. We have a fair number of this design out being used every day, and thus far the feedback has been great. Cutters, Rieners and Ropers we build plenty of them, but most folks don't know here is one to cure the curiosity you may have. Call us at 559-935-2172

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