Yup. there was a day not so long ago that this page and all the silver on it was done by my brother Pine........move over Slim yer Sis is here now.

GREAT WESTERN SILVER & ENGRAVING SHOW, was held in Sheridan back in MAy and this is the piece that I designed/built/engraved and entered in the Show. Entirely built of 16 guage sterling silver for the body. The wire wrapped edge was done in fine silver sire, wrapped and riveted in place at the ends. I engraved the interior of this item with a larger acanthus type leaf and cut all of that in single point using a 105 degree graver x 15 degree heel. The outside surface is a combination of rosette type floral center all done in single point, there is a double leaf border that sits between the wire wrap and the bright cut section at the center on each side of the flower. Right at the center of the flower is a 14k Gold bead riveted in place as the flowers center. I am pleased to say that ithis piece sold pretty quickly, and thankyou Jean for your support of myself and the Show. Sorry this bracelet has SOLD

You guessed it, I build quite a few Sterling Silver Cuff bracelets, and I would be glad to build one for you, just give me a call at the house and I can take care of it. I am headed off to University soon, and will be making silver while I am there, mostly saddle silver I hope.

Okay, the story behind the bracelet. I built this one for my thirteenth favorite "Anty Karen", and yes its a play on the whole Aunty-Anty thing. Built this one from 16 guage sterling silver, domed it with my GRS bracelet bender. The flowers that you see spilling out over the borders, those are not cut and soldered down, they are cut into the body and repousse and molded to give them depth and character.........I have found out just how time consuming this process is. Love ya Aunty Karen and Pray for you and Uncle Bill everyday

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