STYLE #1, This is a new adventure for me folks and I am sure I will learn alot as I go. I am now building some buckles out of steel, at least steel makes up the body of these buckles. Onto that I am adding Silver and Copper, heck maybe even some Brass from under Mom's kitchen sink. I have started by giving each buckle a style number, this being Style #1. My very first piece, my own Wheat Straw Engraving done on Silver and cold blued steel. The buckle is made to fit a ranchers 1" wide belt. The whole buckle is roughly 2" by 2" in size. And YES, I will be adding other sizes of this buckle style as I go.

STYLE #2- Ranchers Double Buckle. Made of steel, which is given a soft matte finish and cold blued. I have done quite a bit more fabrication on this one, with silver squares at the corners and heavy copper bars as accents . That is Wheat straw engraving that I have done, not to be mistaken for a weed or something. And Big Jake, don't you dare tell me you didn't recognize what it was. This double buckle is made to fit a 1" belt. The entire buckle is 2.75 long by 2.25 wide with softly rounded corners. This is a great looking buckle when its cinched down on a pair of Levi's or pleats.

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