When the wind is blowing cold and snow flakes swirl in the early morning air...............or your dressed up to go out on the cowtown, nothing says "DRESSED UP" like a silk wild rag and a concho scarf slide.

VERY SORRY BUT I HAVE SOLD - Hand made Sterling Silver concho scarf slides this one is 1.5" diameter, each with a unique stamped and Antiqued pattern. Each Concho slide has a silver loop on the back to hold the wild rag tight once it is tied. The price shown does not include a silk wild rag with it.

I forgot to order my wild rag, I need to find one I like *CLICK HERE*

Here is a brand new Concho Scarf Slide that I just finished in the last few days. It is the most poplar size that I make, being 2" diameter, and it pairs real nice with those full 36 x 36 type silk Wild Rags that my sister Nevada sells. I have made this slide in heavy Sterling and done a traditional west coast stamp pattern, like you would have seen so many years ago down in the Santa Barbara area. THe price that is shown is for the scarf slide only and does not include a silk wild rag.SORRY I AM SOLD

VERY SORRY BUT I HAVE SOLD - A Concho Scarf slide in the art manner of Yoda Mori's famous Tsuba decorations. The Tsuba is the hilt or guard on a Samuri sword, and its art was to reflect the thinking of the maker, well known for his swelled patterns mixed with geometrics. So we tried it here on a concho that is a little over 2" diameter. The whole slide is made of Sterling, all stamp work is done by hand and then antiqued for that aged Vaquero look. The price shown is for the scarf slide only, and does not include a silk wild rag.

*Take me to look for a WILD RAG*

I HAVE BEEN SOLD, SORRY - Without doubt this is my biggest project I have built to date, and yes, I did this with my Dads help. As my Dad says, you have to spend time sawing and soldering if you plan to move forward with the silver work, so this project gave me plenty of each. I built it on the computer first to get the layout just the way I wanted it, then created a pattern that I could use to cut my first layer of Sterling Silver out. After several hours of tedious cutting..........and way to many blades..........my Dad's words, not mine. I was then ready for plenty of filing which followed before it would be ready to solder to the base piece of silver. Soldering .........well, lets just say that I shake bad enough as it is..........let alone with my Dad watching me try to melt, er, solder all that silver together. Then we cleaned it up, and took the top down flat with emory board then sand paper over a hardwood block till it was up to 2500 grit and ready to engrave and oxidize. The cross over weave effect on the front was hand cut with plenty of Dad's help, it will be a little less help next time I know for sure, and the back side of the bacelet has my initials engraved in it, and yes, Dad cut those for me this time. If Dad and I can count very well, there were 1387 steps or cuts made on the front of the bracelet alone...........that alone convinced me to stick with my College aspirations. This bracelet is 5.75 long and 1.25 in width, all of it is made of pretty hefty silver. Very sorry folks, but the bracelet was gone before I could get it up for sale. I can take an order, but I bet I can only get one done before ol'Saint Nick comes sliding down the chimney

Here is a pretty cool Concho idea that Dad and I came up which gave me plenty of multi-layered soldering practise and a real neat concho when we were done. And yes, Dad did help me more than I would have liked with the actual cutting. The first dome is 1.5" diameter and given a high dome. Then to the top of that we created a second smaller dome to which we soldered a small length of rope twist and that in turn was soldered to the first dome. Flip it over and add a secure tie slide and we are ready to engrave. We left this item in the high polish, but we both think that the real illusion of hieght will come as the scarf slide gains its rich Silver patina. This slide looks very cool on, very unique and all Sterling Silver. We call it a Capitol Dome Concho, because it looks like the vaulted cielings that you see inside of so many State Capitol buildings, only this version is turned inside out.

VERY SORRY BUT I HAVE SOLD - This is another project that involved the process of learning to cut fine details with the jewellers saw. And there was plenty of cutting practise with this one. What I have done here, is a pierced design in 20 guage Sterling silver, which was then inturn soldered down to a second layer of 18 gauge Sterling Silver. Then I domed it all, and flipped it over and soldered on the loop for the scarf silide. Pierced the hole thru the very middle and apart from engraving and buffing, we were done. I built this as a 2" diameter Scarf Slide. My Dad done the cutting for me on the one since the cross-overs were a little fine for me to handle just yet.

VERY SORRY BUT I HAVE SOLD - I was not entirely sure I would get this project done since I am very busy with College Applications right now. This is another of those projects that build confidence with the jewellers saw. The top braid is cut in 18 guage Sterling Silver, then soldered to the lower portion of the bracelet that acts as the backer. Oll of this is then cleaned up using polish papper wrapped on a stick to keep the edges crisp and sharp for engraving. MY Dad, done most of the cutting on this bracelet. After all that was done we oxidized the entire item to give it more depth and contrast. This is made 1.2 inches wide by 5.625 long so it will fit almost all women.

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