Hello folks, my name is Nevada Watt. As you might have guessed, growing up around my Mom and Dad means you had better have something to do if you want any spending money. MY brother, Pine and I began this web site some years ago and it has been a good means to staying in touch with many of you. I am home schooled, and when I am not doing school work or some sort of work down at the Church with my youth group, then I will be busy helping my brother or working on the products I sell on the web site. I hope you take a few moments to prowl around and see what it is that I sell, and then by all means roam around on the site and meet the other "RANCHKIDZ" who have chosen to put work up with us. If you decide to order, you can place the order right here on this site and I will ship it for you myself.

AWANA=approved workmen are not ashamed, its a christian youth Ministry that I have been apart of since I was 5. I recently attended the AWANA Summit back in Chicago, earning my AWANA Citation Award for having completed every verse book within the AWANA program..So let me explain what the bracelet tells us. The inside of the bracelet is based on the verse Zechariah 13:9 which tells us that Gods love is like that of a purifying fire which cleans out the dross and impurities leaving us whole and pure. The flames that fill the inside of the bracelet are those of purification. On the topside we have the Cross, that symbol of Gods love and commitment to his children, its located in the center as God should be located in our lives, the Cross is simple just as Gods commands for us, flanked by Doves meaning grace and peace. There is an endless ribbon wound thru the pattern on the topside of this bracelet, endless is the standing that God has in his Universe, and we being his hildren are in the center of that ribbon.

So, there you have the story or interpretation of the design. If you like this piece I will build one for you, we can incorporate whatever design form you want. JUst give me a call, and we can discuss the details 559-935-2172, a bracelet like this one done all in single point style engraving starts at $425.00 to give you an idea.

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