PAIR-O-PISTOLS, brand new first time product from 559 DESINGS. This unique stainless split ring allows a one size fits all aproach. Since the ring is a split pattern, it can be squeezed or spread to fit the wearer as needed. This unique ring also offers the wearer the choice of using the ring as a very cute and sagey scarf slide, looks great slid up on one of our wild rags.The theme for this ring "revolvers" around our 2nd Amendement rights, sporting a pair of Colt Pistols side by side. Available today and ready to ship, just in time to throw it in Sweaties Stocking- $20.00 each.
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Buckaroo Mustache split ring, is our second offering from 559 DESIGNS. We have the classic flat buckaroo hat and a hefty western mustache, what could be more great basin/buckaroo than that. These look great, and one or more should be on your Christmas list this year and there is still time.
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