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We have the perfect gift for that special craftsmen. Heritage Trades DVD now has five exciting educational DVD series for you to choose from! Be sure to scroll down to see them all.

is our newest DVD series and now available on DVD. This set consists of 3 dvd's each 2 hours long. In this 6 hours of instruction, Jeremiah Watt will share with you those little tricks and tips that the pros know but are reluctant to share. Tips that are costly to learn when you are all on your own. Have you always wondered what tools and what leather, or worse yet what is this thing they are calling "CASING". While it can be mysterious at times and even frustrating, it is not impossible, matter of fact with Jeremiah's help you will find it not only easy but maybe even more profitable. Order yours today.
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Our latest DVD series which deals with making the popular Wade Saddle.
It is a 10 hour set.

This DVD series is priced at $399.95 plus $9.95 shipping/handling.The following is a brief summary of what is on the DVD's

Tape #1-Introduction, Shop Layout, Cutting Patterns & list of Parts, Blocking out hides and cutting parts, fitting gullet and cantle back, ground work-shaping and bending cheyenne roll

Tape #2-Cantle filler, trimming stirrup slots, Talk on tin verses leather ground seats, cutting hand hold and center lines on seat, fit and install swell cover, fitting and blocking skirts, riggings-position, cutting out riggings, fitting hardware

Tape #3-Hand riveting sequence for riggings, Sewing and installing rigging, fitting saddle seat, matching center lines and fitting back jockeys

Tape #4-Glueing seat, trimming cantle binding, plugging the cheyenne roll, making a wax thread to sew cantle binding, sewing and trimming cantle binding, covering horn,building fenders, cutting small parts i.e. latigo catcher, cinch carriers, breast collar dees, making back billets and flank cinch

Tape #5- Saddle strings and latigos, pull saddle plugs, first oiling of saddle, installing back jockeys, strings and buckrolls, putting on buttons and bleeding on strings, oiling and finishing saddle, preparing stirrups, final review of saddle pieces and book review.

The saddles shown are just a few recent ones out of our shop.

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The finest dvd done yet on the making of a four strand rawhide reata. Cowboy, braider Randy Rieman along with mentor Bill Dorrance have teamed up to make this DVD set a classic. Straight forward braiding information that is presented in a clear and concise format, backed up by interviews and shots of Bill Dorrance using and discussing the making of a reata.

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Cowboy Engraving is the first DVD in our DVD set. It is 2 1/2 hours long and covers the following details:
1. Shop Layout & Equipment
2. Graver sharpening
3. Basic Cuts
4. Scroll Drawing
5. Scroll Cutting
6. Flower Cutting
7. Crossover Scrolls
8. Borders
9. Lettering
10. Transfer Methods
11. Pantograph

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Cowboy Silversmithing DVD is 2 hours long and cover the following:
1. Materials
2. Hand Sawing
3. Hand Filling
4. Pattern Making
5. Bench Tools
6. Soldering-Very Extensive!
7. Small Tools
8. Metal Forming
9. Pancake Dies
10. Stamp Work
11. Parts Cleanup

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This is the last DVD of the set of 3. It is 2 1/2 hours long and includes the following:
1. Shop Layout
2. Shop Tools
3. Patterns & Layout
4. Cutting Parts
5. Filing
6. Bending
7. Inlay & Filework
8. Soldering
9. Rivets & Beads
10. Crickets & Hoods
11. Assembly
12. Polishing

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See our daughter Nevada Watt in the BUCK movie. Great story to be told! Comes with extras on the DVD-lots of more footage to view.
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