Many years now, our customers have been asking us for good quality using cowboy gear. I take this opportunity to tell you about our new Curb Straps, just for you SPADE BIT FANS. Just follow along this link*Take me to Anvil-Tuff Spade Bit Curb Straps*. Keep us posted on other items that you wish you could buy and rely upon, like the Anvil-Tuff brand.

"THE VAQUERO SPADE" Many folks that are familiar with the bits and mouths that have been popular in California will also know the name "VAQUERO", this is not another duplication of all the effort by artists before us......this is our version and it is brand new to the world, and drop dead gorgeous if I may add. Here is an interesting mouth to try out, it offers the horseman 2.5" inches of height similar to a half breed, but with the effect of a very small spoon top complete with floral hood in place, not only that the entire mouth is done with a floral design as a border on it note that there is a small amount of tonge relief as well. Behind that hood lies two large diameter copper rollers, and a cricket. We show it here with a full set of braces so it acts and feels like a SPADE, but it can also be made without the braces, and it becomes a spooned half breed. Only here at JWP where we are always on the cutting edge of NEW PRODUCTS.........JUST FOR YOU!!!

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" THE SPOON SPADE" There are many folks who consider the Spoon Spade as the starting place for introduction of a braced upper palate mouth to a young horse. Even though it may well be true, JWP has two version with braces that are both a little lower than the Spoon Spade. You will note that our Spoon Spade mouth measures at 2 7/8th inch tall. For the horseman who has some experience with the Braced type of mouth, this may be your initiation bit of choice

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" 3INCH SPANISH SPADE", Here is the classic configuration for the California Spade Bit. The top of the Spade takes on the shape of a guitar body, the tallest end of the spade top being of a narrower width so it can rotate inot the actual palate. This is the lower version of our Spanish Spade, measureing at 3" tall, as the green line indictaes. The JWP Spanish Sppade has copper wrapped braces set behind the mouth, the Spade top is adorned with ornate designs. This is a bit that looks good on the wall, and feels great in a horses mouth.

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This is our tallest offereing in the traditional Spanish Spade mouth, ours comes in at 3 1/4 inch tall as the green line shows you clearly. With the amount of interest we are seeing in making Spade bit horses, I think the day will come when we will add yet one more version that takes us all on up to that 3.5 hieght. But for now, the 3.25 tall will have to do. Here is a version that is intended for the horse that can carry it, and the horseman who knows how to use it. Some one with less experience may well get inot trouble with this mouth, so if thats you............START WITH SOMETHING A LITTLE LOWER!!

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As many of you know we are shop that likes building the Spade bits, and as a result we are often asked for taller Spades. SO, lets go thru this one, IT IS NOT named after Ray Hunt but rather its named after one of Californias leading bit makers now deceased, that is Abbey Hunt. Abbey, built his spade tops just a little wider than his counterparts, they still fell into that Spanish Spade configuration thought. So, here is our version of one of thsoe Spades, measureing in at 3.5" tall. We have only had these out for maybe 4 months, but already the feedback has been very good. And when you combine one of these new spades with the new AC1500 cheeks, folks have had awesome results that they aftern call us about. So, if you would like one of these new spades, by all means order today and if you need to talk to someone here call 559-935-2172.
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Like its 3.5" cousin mentioned above, this new Spade is also named after Abbey Hunt, again, because we are using a Spade top pattern simmilar to that which Abbey used. Of course, we have really dolled our spade tops up, so that they match the decoration of the cheeks we produce. The hot struck design stands out amongst all the plain faced cousins out there today. This Spade comes in at 3.75 " hieght. Each of the Abbey Spades have a roller top on the end of the Spade. Heavy copper wire wrapped braces add feel and signal to a great mouth design. Combine this new Spade mouth with the AC400, the AC900, the AC1000, the AC1200 and or the all new AC1500 and you will have a great take it and use it Spade bit made right.
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