Horse Shoe Brand Tools (HSBT), started mostly out of Jeremiah's frustration in finding the high quality tools needed to do the work demanded of him. He and other professional saddlemakers alike were lamenting the loss of quality tool makers and the tools they used to produce!
Horse Shoe Brand Tool company now makes this Nation's fullest line of premium leather working tools.

Jeremiah has researched the best of the old tools. He has had full metalurgical testing done on them to analyze metal types and materials as well as temper used so that he can make the best tool possible today. Engineers and machining programs have helped Jeremiah to research possible tool fatigue as well as new metals available today.
These tools are all function and designed to be precise and effective in their work. HSBT uses high gloss finish on their brass ferruled tool handles and all tools are heat treated in a vacume furnace if needed.

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