6" DIVIDERS No doubt one of the most often used tools on a saddlers bench is the divider. This is a simple friction rivet pair of dividers, and adjustment is simple, just spread the divider legs or squeeze as is need to optain the width desired. There will be occasion later to tighten up any pair of friction joint dividers, this can be done simply by hammering on the smaller rivet head with a flat faced hammer. Don't be without a pair of these on your bench.
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4" CARVERS DIVIDERS Here is a great little pair of dividers that are making with the carver in mind. How many times have you asked yourself, why can't somebody make a pair of dividers for those small layouts and projects. Well HSBT has done just that. You will find this pair of stainless 4" friction joint carvers dividers to be indispensable.
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