You can count on Horse Shoe Brand Tools to bring you the newest and latest in really great ideas. We have had these consumable Buckroll Forms out now for almost a full year, and the feedback could not be better. We have shops buying them in lots of 100, and we have small shops buying them 1 pair at a time. In both cases, folks are happy, they can finally make a perfectly matched pair of Buck Rolls that look and feel the same, they never pack down iether. You simply place the foam bodies into the chap bonnet before you glue everything together, and then stick the bottom layed of the Buckroll in place............and apart from sewing, you are done. You will use one pair of forms each time you build a pair of buckrolls, we make them in one perfect size only..........36D.

If you are not sure that you current patterns will fit these new forms, then just order a Buckroll Pattern Pack, and you can be assured that you have the correct pattern.

Buckrolls & Biscuits, a fun that everyone can get a laugh out of. Yes, JW does go into his favorite Biscuit recipes and there keepers too folks. But really, the whole DVD centers on making those Perfection Buckrolls in the easiest manner possible. Its like all the others that Jeremiah has done, its fun, its intuitive ( Intuitive-is a race of folks who built round snow houses :) packed full of very usable information. And if nothing else comes of it, you will be making much better ranch style biscuits after watching it. Its worth it's wieght in dough.

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