04215 Cathedral Screwdown Concho, A beautiful stained glass window pattern adorns both sizes of this very adaptable Concho idea. This is something new to the industry, as the screw is inserted from the top for a very clean aned modern look. Each concho has a small bar off the edge which allows the attachment of a pair of saddle strings. MAde in 2 sizes, 1.5" and 1.75", made of stainless and both sizes accept a #10 pattern wood screw with countersink head. The closeup image, shows how the Conchos and the saddle strings are to be installed. Be sure to specify diameter of conchos when ordering.

The second image shows you what these Screw Down Conchos look like when installed. It also shows clearly how the saddle strings are attached to the string bar of the concho. Be sure to include other items, such as the 04320 Back Billet Loops, or the 04125 Floral Dee Rings.

We recommend using the #04240 Saddle String Loops which are shown below. They offer you a chance to make a lasting impression with how clean the whole saddle looks. The pair of strings is held fast in place by a small arrow tab on the back of the loop. Very easy installation.
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