HARDWARE-#04010 Buckle

Sure we have all seen oval buckles, matter of fact they have been with us for many years. But you will not mistake our double buckles for any of those others being made. For one thing, we have cowboyed a little, and had to do up a headstall with the gloves on.............a little history factoid here for you. Cussing in America officially started with those other crappy buckles that are both too short and too tight. Our double buckle designs ARE a little longer which allows room for that doubled over strap to pass easily thru, even when you have gloves on. Our back bars are deeper, giving room for those layers of stiff doubled harness leather to pass on another in usage. You will love the way your product looks when it is finished, and your customers will thankyou for the way the hardware functions. We have 1/2 inch versions coming very soon............OMG dude, I almost fogot too tell you, but we are very close to having keepers that you can use with all of our HSBT buckles.........SOON
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